At Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School North Strathfield, we empower our students to strive for their best and make a positive difference in the world. Student leadership roles are based on student voices with links made to our Christian values and Marian charism. 

Within the classroom, student agency or student-driven learning enables students to be active participants in their learning journey, receiving and providing feedback on their learning, choice and direction. Student choice is available in the classroom and students can make choices about what works best for them and their learning. 

Outside of the classroom, students are provided with opportunities to be involved in activities that help others and seek to make the world a better place.

Students are provided with various opportunities to become leaders in our school. These include: 

  • School student leaders who are responsible for representing the entire school community at internal and external events. 
  • Ideas leaders who work collaboratively with other students and teachers to put forward ideas to improve the school with a focus on sustainability, religious outreach/charity fundraising and school-based initiatives. 
  • Student sports leaders who work as part of a team in leading their colour house in sporting carnivals and events. Their role supports the qualities of sportsmanship, encouragement and determination.
  • Restorative justice warriors (RJWs) are the student-elected representatives from each grade. They are responsible for representing their grade in developing and presenting ideas from students to support our school and community.